Our workshop is located in Angers in the French Maine-et-Loire region.

Your orders are prepared with the greatest care and are shipped within a maximum of 15 days.

We do our best to get your packages as soon as possible and of course we will keep you informed.

L'atelier Kirama création et production
L'atelier Kirama coupe de la doublure coton Wax
L'atelier Kirama autocontrole
L'atelier Kirama préparation colorant pour teinture de tranche
L'atelier Kirama teinture de tranche sur anse
L'atelier Kirama à Angers (49)
Peaux cuir de vachette et agneau
Chutes de cuir de vachette
Chutes de cuir d'agneau
Fils pour le cuir haute résistance aux UV


We favor short circuits : sourcing of leathers is local in order to promote eco-responsibility.

Because upcycling is in our DNA, nothing is wasted. This is the reason why I designed the BRAVO model on the basis of scraps of leather mainly in lambskin from the fashion industry, in which they remain noble parts. Using all parts of the animal’s skin is my goal to achieve zero waste in my workshop.

At Kirama, the inside design of bags matters as much as the outside. Like a secret, intimate place of your own. On the BRAVO lining side, we made the choice of Wax fabrics also called “African fabrics”. For their anti-stain features (waxed fabric technique), for anexotic touch and also to make a matching totebag with the lining that is used to wrap the bag in; it is therefore reusable and there is less packaging to throw away upon delivery.

Know how

The world of leather goods is a journey: the journey to design the model, to choose the best leather, to make the prototypes and to fulfill orders. The journey continues with you, your bag accompanies you in all circumstances, it shows itself, it meets your needs, it is your visual identity.

I want to prioritize excellence in connection with my knowhow acquired at Louis Vuitton, and thus produce exclusive small series with the feeling of owning a unique item.

On the assembly side, I am a fan of sheath assembly, a technique that consists of assembling all the leather pieces on the reverse side, then topstitching on the right side for a perfect finish. The # 1 BRAVO model adopts this technique with the use of lambskin remnants for its flexibility.

On the inside, I aim fora harmonious layout of the pockets for optimized storage of your personal objects.

Montage sac BRAVO maxi coloris noisette
Montage doublure sac BRAVO maxi coloris noisette
Montage sac ALPHA coloris fuchsia
Montage sac ALPHA coloris kaki
Assemblage broderie COQUELICOT
Coloration teinture de tranche
Collage des fils
Pose des oeillets
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